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Introduction to Public Speaking and Storytelling

Aušra Turčinskaitė - Balčiūnienė, the keynote speaker, is the Vice-Dean of Business Management faculty at Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution (Lithuania), lecturer at the Department of Business Innovation. A. Turčinskaitė - Balčiūnienė has public Speaking teaching in English experience of 13 years. A. Turčinskaitė - Balčiūnienė has worked with various intercultural audiences (academic and professional groups). Recent teaching experience abroad (5 references):

  • Teaching visit "Teaching and Workshops on Creative Platform Methodology" Polytechnical Institute of Porto, Portugal, 8 acad.hours.
  • Distant teaching visit “Introduction to Public Speaking and Storytelling” at Parul University, Waghodia, Vadodara, India, 4 acad.hours.
  • Teaching visit "Creative Ideation Sessions" Polytechnical Institute of Porto, Portugal
  • Teaching visit "Applied Research Instruments" Technological Education Institute of Kavala, Greece, 8 acad.hours.
  • Teaching visit Teaching visit "Enhancing Creativity to Designing Original Solutions" Polytechnical Institute of Porto, Portugal, 8 acad.hours.

Aušra will reveal how to develop public speaking skills by applying stotytelling method.

How to create an instructional or motivational speech?
How to apply stotytelling method in public speaking?
How to say speech persuasively, and manage the audience's attention?

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After the training, participant:

  • Will develop public speaking skills by applying stotytelling method
  • Will be able to deliver an instructional or motivational speech, will be able to say it persuasively, and to manage the audience's attention

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Aušra Turčinskaitė - Balčiūnienė

The 2 academic hour (1,5 h) course will be held on 12 FEBRUARY, 2024, at 13:00 (Estonian time).

MS Teams link will be sent to the registered participants.


Oral feedback on task results. After the training participants will be issued a certificate of completed course. 

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Laima Paraukiene (Head of Training and Cooperation Development Division at VIKO Faculty of Business Management) (l.paraukiene@vvf.viko.lt)