Ülemiste City
Ülemiste City seminar

WNinFCS: Urban Dynamics

Together with our City of the Future Professorship team, we are again looking at the future of cities. This time, we will closely look at how the different economic actors can contribute to the city’s economy and vitality. Join us for an exciting overview of the results of research and developments presented by the Future City Professorship team and the City of Tallinn. The topics of the seminar are: Digitalised cities and urban economy. New type of Urban Dynamics; Key economic actors in Tallinn’s digital urban transformation and Challenges of Tallinn in creating a sustainable and dynamic urban environment.
Maht: 1 h
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Tasulisi kohti: 98 (15€)
Keel: inglise keeles
Algus: 25. mai
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prof. Jenni Partanen, Olli Jakonen, Kalle Killar
Recorded seminar

Recorded seminar

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