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Process and Projects Management in Wellness Service Design

The objectives of the course are to provide knowledge on the essence and role of processes and projects in contemporary service organizations; to develop practical skills to initiate, plan, organize and control projects targeted on service innovation; and abilities to analyse process and project environment, organizational process and project management maturity and to develop it.

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By the end of the course students will:
* understand the context of process and project management,
* know the general concepts and models of process and project management,
* be able to identify and classify processes in service organizations,
* map and analyse business processes, identify improvement needs and possibilities,
* define projects and set objectives,
* plan projects, including tasks, schedules, resources, etc.,
* assess and manage project risks,
* form and develop temporary organizations,
* monitor and control project execution,
* evaluate organizational process and project management maturity.

Maht: 5 EAP - 32 h seminars, 98 h independent work h
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Algus: 06. veebruar
Registreerimine: 05. veebruar 2023
Mario Passos Ascencao (Visiting Lecturer at UT Pärnu College)

Online learning:
* 6 March 10.45-19.00
* 7 March 9.00-15.00

* 17 April 10.45-16.45
* 18 April 9.00-15.00

Online learning:
* 8 May 10.45-16.45

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Presentation + Report.

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Kristel Teearu (kristel.teearu@ut.ee)