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AI for humans - applications from higher education and worklife contexts

This session is related to the broader theme AI for humans and more specifically to humanoid robot applications and learnings in higher education. It is demonstrating how use cases and concrete deployment of AI driven systems can be developed in collaboration with professionals from specific sectors like for example hospitality and healthcare. One purpose is to familiarize teachers and students in higher education with humanoid robots and related technologies. There is a need to increase understanding for both robotics and AI in education and in the teaching. For example, courses in Service design and Frameworks for web development has integrated robotics (humanoid social and service robots) and use case development into the learning modules.

Research underlines the need to include experts from several fields into early stages of the development to achieve a product that is well suited for its intended use case. This has been at the core of our applied, collaborative and cross-disciplinary activities for some time. We need to future proof HE, our learners and to do this with professionals in the field, in the companies.

The session familiarizes the participants especially with the social robot Alf (Sanbot Elf) and Amy the service robot from Csjbot. The two robot platforms do add a concrete way to increase understanding of AI and robotics for the students. The platforms also provide a good opportunity for cross-disciplinary integration in HE (higher education) teaching and learning. The use case development, incl application development, is seen as useful and interesting from both the students’ and the teachers’ perspective.

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Algus: 30. september
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Christa Tigerstedt
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