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Lighthouse Diaries - Navigating through Diverse Lifescape

Diversity has a positive ring. If you ask people about diversity most will give you a socially acceptable (and expected) answer – diversity is great, it is enriching, it is a positive thing, and in general, we should have more diversity. The undeniable fact is that in the last couple of decades globalization (in every possible sense of the word) has made diversity omnipresent. If we argue that the role of higher education institutions (HEI) is to prepare “ready-for-life” graduates – the question appears to be: what we do at HEI to prepare our graduates for the diverse lifescape?

This is a personal story – about working (and living) at the most international business school in Sweden. It goes well with the conclusion drawn a long time ago – diversity in itself and on its own might more be an obstacle than an asset. To benefit from diversity, one must roll up the sleeves and devote time and energy and learn how to put it to the advantage for a person (but also for an organization and society in a broader sense).

This is a story about how cultures surface out - in and around the classroom. Fun, grim, motivating, and disheartening stories that can help you understand why an open mind and expectations management are pivotal for thriving (or at least surviving) in the diverse lifescape. Why do we need to overcommunicate? In such an environment knowing the difference between the golden and platinum rule is a gamechanger. You will, hopefully, learn to avoid cultural attribution error and that… the only way to change the world is with your own two hands.

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Darko Pantelic
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